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Faith Facilities

Faith facilities have transcended their traditional roles to become spiritual sanctuaries that offer solace, community, and a sense of belonging. Today's construction projects for faith facilities require thoughtful architectural planning and construction expertise to fulfill the unique visions of each religious community. At Morton Construction, we initiate collaborative efforts early in the planning and design stages, ensuring our clients' spiritual aspirations are realized while staying within budgetary limits.   At Morton Construction, we proudly stand as your comprehensive companion. Our commitment lies in delivering cutting-edge construction methods on schedule, within financial parameters, and always aligned with the utmost satisfaction of our clients and their spiritual congregations.

Faith Facilities Project Portfolio

Alpharetta Seventh
Day Adventist

New construction and complete interiors of an 11,000 SF worship center located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Meticulous coordination of the multiple exterior components of the craftsman-style exterior was a necessity to provide a warm a welcoming feeling for the members. The state-of-the-art acoustics required coordination with the multiple audiovisual contractors and the church staff to create the intended worship experience.


For over 25 years, Morton Construction has been the exclusive contractor for First Baptist Church, Alpharetta. Their work is always exceptional and they have conducted themselves with the utmost of integrity and honesty. The Morton team works with excellent architects, designers, and subcontractors. They do an outstanding job coordinating and communicating with everyone and continuously provide us with great alternatives and solutions. We would not want to consider anyone else for our construction project needs.”

David Smith, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Alpharetta

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